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Top Go-To DIY Supplies...what every DIY'er should have

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1.) Glue Gun

  •   Mine cost around $8 and I purchased it from Michael's

2.) Drill

  • I can't take the credit for the one I have(or currently use). My dad bought me a really cool tool set when I started renovating my kitchen a few years ago.

3.) Spray Paint

  • I spray paint EVERYTHING!! Enough said...

4.) Super Glue

  • It has helped me out many times....I keep them around in case of emergencies :)

5.) Measuring Tape

  • Measure once, measure twice, and the third time's the charm

6.) Pen and Paper

  • Call me old fashion, but I write everything down. I'm a very visual person and this helps me in my learning process as well.

7.) The Internet

  • Have it on hand just in case you need to look something up that you may have missed during your researching.


  • It's the first thing I do before I start on a project. It really keeps me motivated. Whether I'm working on a project or just cleaning the house, the neighbors know I have to be doing something because they can probably hear it...Sorry neighbors!!

So there you have it! What supplies do you guys need or keep on hand when starting your DIY projects?!? I want to hear from you!!